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With today’s ever-rising health care costs, employers know that healthy, productive employees can
significantly improve the corporate bottom line.


An AIM laboratory-based wellness program can provide measurable results that can help you both increase productivity
while reducing health care spending. Health and wellness screenings educate and motivate employees to participate in
healthier lifestyles. AIM Laboratories can help you develop and execute a wellness programs that’s specific to you and
your employees’ needs.  Please contact us to learn more about this valuable service.


Alcohol & Drug Screening


Increased productivity and reduced liability begins with a drug and alcohol-free workplace.


According to the US Department of Labor, drug abuse accounts for over $81 billion each year in lost productivity. AIM Laboratories can help you reduce your portion of this cost by developing a drug and alcohol screening program specific to your organization.


Options include:


•  Pre-employment

•  Random

•  For cause screenings


Please contact us for additional information on how to implement a cost-effective, alcohol and drug

screening program at your company.


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