The AIM Mission


To make a profound impact on the lives of our patients by providing top quality community health care facilities that are complete, affordable and accessible, making health care services a satisfying and healing experience.


Who We Are


AIM Laboratories is a premiere, community-based clinical laboratory strategically located in the center of the U.S., in St. Louis Missouri. AIM Laboratories was established by a unique group of dedicated scientists and business executives to provide the healthcare community with the highest level of localized science, service and support. While our advanced facility and scientific staff are capable of running 1000 tests an hour, each of our clients receive superior, prompt and individualized service.


AIM Laboratories has LIS solutions for every need. You can choose our ANTEK “LabDaq” LIS  or opt for Web-based access
to all your results in real time from any location. If your practice is not LIS ready we can get you up and running quickly
and economically.


Our Customers


Our customers represent a broad range of healthcare and corporate entities. We provide comprehensive testing
and service solutions for:


• Physician offices

• Skilled nursing facilities

• Home care environments

• Corporate wellness solutions and drug/alcohol screening


What To Expect


Our mission is to provide high-quality, cost-effective, responsive, comprehensive laboratory services, which meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. You can expect:


• A level of service not found anywhere else

• Strategically located patient service centers

• Personalized business relations to fit your needs

• State of the art equipment and constantly updated test menu

• Local testing - rapid results


Everyone at AIM laboratories invites you to see what a great lab can be.  We hope you’ll give us the opportunity to serve
you and your patients.

AIM Laboratories

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